Although British Swim School has been around for more than 30 years, our clients’ testimonials speak volumes.  We combine the instruction for water safety with fun to create a comfortable environment that fosters swim education.

Hope This Makes You Smile Chicago

Hi John

I recently took this picture of my 19 month old, Chloe Carey, who takes Tadpole classes on Wednesdays at East Lakeview now. We used to swim at your Gold Coast location since October. We switched locations because we recently moved.


I believe from time to time you requests some videos or photos of BSS swimmers for advertising happy kids and I I just wanted to share this happy pic of Chloe as she has a blast in your swim school and we couldn't be more happier with her growing comfort and effort in the water!

Your instructors are so kind and professional and we appreciate them for helping Chloe master survival skills in the water. Chloe is so comfortable in the water and looks forward to swimming so much that she even waves to people when she's on her back in the water. Too funny. She's a ham. Lol


Hope you at least smile when you see this photo. And the one below is of my husband, Kent, in the water with Chloe, Erica and Maggie(we miss her!)!



little swimmer2little swimmer











From Our Chicago Franchise

Would like to give a big thank you to the British Swim School. Our daughter started there about 2 years ago and couldn't/wouldn't do anything in the pool without a floatie. She is now VERY comfortable in the water - loves diving for toys and doing flips underwater - and can do 4 different swim strokes across a pool. Would also like to thank some of our favorite instructors over the last couple of years: Luis, Anthony (from OH), Mary (shorter Mary ;), Lauren, Denia and John from the office who is great to work with in schedule changes, make-ups, etc. Thanks again! - Dana Burdenski

I couldn't be happier with the progress that my son has had with the British Swim School. He has gone from not wanting to put his head under the water to, in a recent trip to Florida, waking up and bugging us to go down to the pool and picking toys off the bottom of the pool in the deep end. He loves it! Thank You. - Eric Kaisner

From Our Virginia Franchise:

Our family has been so impressed by the fairfax teaching team of British Swim School. We struggled for several months paying outrageous fees to have our two daughters (ages 4 & 7) learn survival swimming with SwimKids. We ended the program frustrated and with their swimming skills no better than when they started. We ran across BSS and decided to take a chance on a smaller school. We have been thrilled with our experience. In a couple of months our daughters have soared through the program exceeding our expectations. We feel so much safer with them in the water. More importantly, they are no longer afraid of the water and are actually excited to come to class each week. The small classes and friendly teaching style has made it easy for the girls to feel at home in the water and have fun!

Thanks again for such a positive experience.


September 2013 (from Yelp)

My daughter has been taking classes On and Off for the past year at their Hollywood location.She recently graduated to Turtle I only due to the huge sincere, patient and loving efforts of Ms. Maybelline and Mr. Brian. Their dedication and commitment to the sport and their students is totally commendable. My daughter was so scared of the water that I had given up on her ever learning to swim. Thanks to Brian and Maybelline she wants to be in the pool all day. She actually looks forward to Mondays and swim class. I want to thank you and especially both of them for being such wonderful teachers. By selecting teachers like them you are giving kids like my daughter a chance to enjoy and not fear water. They are the best!!!Regards, a very happy mom.

From our Chicago Franchise:

I highly recommend this school. The swim teachers are all wonderful at what they do and the school does a great job teaching kids of all ages. They are always very attentive and make learning fun for their kids. All the teachers seem to really enjoy what they do and they are always reinforcing their students telling them how great they are doing and how much progress they are making. Those positive comments really do a lot for the kids and their self esteem. My kids are always excited to go to swimming class and get in the water, I only wish I would've heard about them earlier.

August 2013

My name is Ruta and my 6 year old daughter Malvika is a student at your Hollywood location.

Malvika has been taking classes On and Off for the past year.
She recently graduated to Turtle I only due to the huge sincere, patient and loving efforts of Ms. Maybelline and Mr. Brian. Their dedication and commitment to the sport and their students is totally commendable.

My daughter was so scared of the water that I had given up on her ever learning to swim. Thanks to Brian and Maybelline she wants to be in the pool all day. She actually looks forward to Mondays and swim class. I want to thank you and especially both of them for being such wonderful teachers. By selecting teachers like them you are giving kids like my daughter a chance to enjoy and not fear water. They are the best!!!

Thank You. Regards, Ruta

July 2013

Our testimony is long overdue.

We have two daughters, 11 years and 6 years. Our 11 year daughter has been swimming with the British Swim School since June of 2002, four months after she was born and she participated in team this summer. The number one reason we’ve stuck with the British Swim School is because of their professionalism in and out of the pool. Ms. Erica in the Sunrise office has always accommodated us with a smile even with our most difficult schedule requests (and we’ve had a few of those request). She’s extremely helpful, listening to our request and making suggestions, facilitating our swimming needs. Erica is a pleasure to work with.  We’ve given the other administrative staff a chance but we are always referred to Erica.  Erica thanks sooo much for all your help. Both our girls are now swimming like little “Nemos” and our 11-year daughter competed this summer with the British Swim School’s first swim team.  Thank you Ms. Erica. The Patton family appreciates you.

The instructors are the best. We’ve had Ms. Jackie, James and Bruno and currently our team daughter is refining her strokes with Mabeline, whom we love. The instructors are phenomenal.  The Patton family love and appreciate you guys so much. Thank you.

British Swim school keep up the good work. Our communities need your services.


June, 2013

Thank you for all your wonderful service. Your instructors are top notch and my daughter has thrived in your program. She is joining a swim team beginning next week and is so confident in her swimming ability. I thank your instructors for that.  -Andrea


Dear Rita Goldberg,

I wanted to let you know what professional and customer service oriented staff you have working at your Pembroke Pines location. On June 2nd, 2013, we celebrated our daughter’s 2nd birthday. Since our two children have been members of this school, we decided to take advantage of the birthday party packages available. I have to be honest, I didn’t know what to expect, small children, a pool; I didn’t know what I was setting myself up for.

Once I arrived to set-up, your staff greeted me at the door and took over from there. Balloons, confetti and music filled the air in addition to the young voices having fun in the bounce house. As children arrived, the staff played their part in entertaining the young guest in every way possible. They made sure all needs were met for both adults and young children. Marianna, who was the Lifeguard in the pool did a wonderful job with the children in the pool, she also did a good job ensuring the parents that their child was in good hands. Stan did a great job as well making sure all the children in the pool were safe. Chris assisted both inside the party area and in the pool room. One thing that stood out to me was how well these young adults were able to work as a team. HOW IMPRESSIVE!

Chris, Marianna and Stan you have worked so hard to make my daughter’s birthday party a success and I would like for you to know how appreciative we are, for what you’ve done.

Additionally, my guest had a terrible accident not too far from the venue and was unable to attend. Many of our guests fled to the scene to assist her and her 2 year old son. Elissa Lithman granted us an extra 30 minutes to compensate for the time lost. I am so thankful for all of these gestures, and I felt it was necessary for you to be aware of a job well done.

Ms. Goldberg, one thing is for sure, you have an incredible staff and they deserve to be rewarded for a job well done.

Thank You,

Bianca and Pierre

May, 2013

Good Morning, British Swim School!

We are writing to let you know that our son Micah, a current Shark II swimmer at the Germantown Healthtrax location, will be wrapping up his swim lessons with BSS on Thursday, February 28, 2013.  Micah is going to take a break from swim lessons this spring as he heads into his baseball season of practices and games.  We will revisit BSS swim lessons for Micah later in the year.  When Micah started with BSS in early spring of last year, our only goal was for him to learn how to swim.  In less than 12 months, he went from Minnow to Shark II!  You did a fantastic job and got him over "the hump" that no other local program was able to do in our previous attempts at swim lessons for Micah!

Our daughter Mikaela has always loved swimming, but never felt comfortable joining our community swim team.  When the BSS swim team formed this past November, Mikaela jumped at the opportunity to join YOUR team!  She has enjoyed every single minute of it.  5:30 PM on Saturday afternoons can't come around quick enough for our daughter!  Mikaela loves being in the water with Bonnie and the BSS team!

Thanks for creating such a positive experience for our children in the short of amount of time that we have been with you!

Howard and Mai


Hi Bonnie!

This is long overdue - I have wanted to send a note to let you know how much Lucy and I enjoy swim classes with you!

Lucy has been taking lessons with British Swim School since she was 3 months old, starting in the Tadpole class. I originally signed up thinking it was just a "splash around with your baby class" and I was very impressed how the class focused on safety and being comfortable in the water (both me and Lucy).  After 4 weeks in the Tadpole class, at only 4 months old, Lucy was  swimming below the surface and could float on her own!  We have continued lessons in Swimboree since then.  We have had several different teachers and have liked ALL of them (especially you and Leslie).  In addition to the instructors, Lucy has made friends with all your friendly and helpful staff outside the pool.  Lucy is about to turn 1 year old and swimming is a huge part of her little life.  She lights up every time we take out her little swim ring at bath time, and LOVES the pool.

I have other friends with babies Lucy's age and none of them are as comfortable in the water as Lucy is.  Everyone says Lucy is a natural in the water, but I tell them ALL that its because of her lessons at British Swim School that she is such a happy water baby!  While I haven't been to other swim schools, I have yet to hear of any other program that is as effective as yours.

Lucy is taking a few months off over the summer from her lessons, but we will definitely be practicing her skills at our community pool and in the bathtub.  She will be back in September to continue weekly lessons with you.  It didn't feel right saying goodbye for the summer without saying a huge and very sincere THANK YOU for being such a positive influence on her, and me too :)   Lucy's last class for now is May 29, but we will be back for sure!

I attached one of my FAVORITE pictures of Lucy, and certainly the one I am most proud of… this was taken when she was 4 months old during her last week in Tadpole class.

Thanks again and have a wonderful summer!

-Lucy's Mommy - Maryland


"There is no other way to learn! I have been coming here for over 18 years to the Coral Springs and Sunrise location. My godson, niece and three sons all learned and are learning to swim here. Thank you Rita!" -Parent - Sunrise Location


"I have a 9 year old daughter that went to this school as well when she was very young and now she has been competing for 5years for her school swim team! Our son is on the same route all because of what they have learned at this school!" -Parent - Sunrise Location


"Victor loves classes and his instructor. We are very satisfied with the school and we often recommend to friends and family. His cousin Isabella loves it too. We had tried other schools with no success. Both kids were afraid of the water and refused to go to class. Now the torment is over thanks to your gentle method." -Parent - Miramar Location


"To all my friends at British Swim School, thanks for such a wonderful time of learning and fun.  After 3 years of being part of the school I am so prepared to move forward.  Thanks for helping me become a good swimmer.  All my love to the wonderful staff, I will come to visit and my brother will continue in his classes here!" -5-year-old Johanni Rodriguez started swimming lessons at 2-years-old!


"I see such a huge difference in his confidence and progress. THANK YOU!" - Michelle Lewis


"Thank you British Swim School, my 2 year old can swim all by herself the length of the pool. It's simply amazing!" - Ryan Hernandez


"How deighted I am with the recent changes and my daughter Arrieanna's progress" - Gwen Solomon


"Thanks to you and your wonderful teachers my daughter loves the water, and she is safe and comfortable. I have recommended all my friend and family to the British Swim School and I will continue to do so. Thank you again for your continued effort in saving lives around South Florida." - Donna Johnston


"We just wanted to say Thank You to your staff for taking such great time and patience in teaching our son Caden how to swim.

He went from being so scared in the beginning and advanced to Turtle 3 in no time! We are so pleased with the progress." - Lisa Langley


"My 7 month old granddaughter takes swimming lessons at the British Swim school and I am amazed at her progress. She goes completely under the water, floats with help and paddles around in a swim tube without help. Proud Nana is a fan of the British Swim School!" - Mary Foster


"The BSS is one of the BEST things to happen to us! Thank you for teaching Nicholas to swim" - Sherri Farina


"We love the Pembroke Pines teachers! Thank you for your talent and dedication" - Barbara Parker